Our Mission

Despite the existence to effective ways of treat and prevent stroke, it is still the leading cause of long-term disability in the world.

This is in large part due to the global shortage of neurologists and, therefore, lack of access to the experts required to identify and manage high risk patients. By integrating wearables, telemedicine, and AI, we aim to make expert preventative stroke care accessible to all.

Our Product

We have created an AI-enabled telehealth service for stroke survivors to help prevent recurrent stroke and improve post-stroke recovery.

Most survivors have little to no continuity in neurological care despite a the high likehood of recurrent stroke, motor and cognitive disability, fatigue, and depression. Our platform integrates physiologic data from wearable devices and clinical data from self-report and hospital records to continuously monitor a survivor’s stroke risk. Our AI and team of experts then  generates a personalized  prevention and recovery plan. Our experienced neurology team then works hand in hand with survivors to help execute their personalized care plans.

Our Research

Our long-term goal is to redefine preventative stroke care for all at-risk patients, not just stroke survivors. We are currently enrolling patients and in the process of developing and testing clinical software that can:

Identify warning signs that indicate a high risk of future stroke.

Monitor novel biomarkers from wearables to evaluate for high risk events.

Meet Our Team Members

Co-Founder & CEO

Mark is a neuroscientist and neurologist with experience in teleneurology and telestroke, who has spent the last 6+ years working at the intersection of stroke and AI.

Co-Founder & COO

Omar is a physician by training and healthcare consultant experienced in managing multi-disciplinary teams in executing complex projects. He has spent the last 6+ years working at the intersection of stroke and AI

Chief Technology Officer

In 20+ years in healthcare tech, Ben has served as CTO for 6 investor-backed companies, and is currently an Oxford University Med Device Expert in Residence.

Chief Experience Officer

Elizabeth is an occupational therapist specialized in stroke recovery and post-stroke wellness. Her clinical work along with her prior technology marketing experience help her present Syntrillo’s technology platform in an accessible way to stroke survivors.

Chief Data Officer

As a neurologist turned data scientist and co-founder of AI-based drug discovery company, Olivier helps drive R&D of AI algorithms.

Strategy & Regulatory Affairs

Pam is a former PwC healthcare consultant focusing on healthcare IT and hospital process and  performance improvement.

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